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Your provider will measure your child’s weight and height to make sure he or she is developing at a healthy pace. Your child may be asked to stand up and bend over so that your provider can look closely at spinal development and check for scoliosis.
Your child’s blood pressure, heart rate and breathing will be checked.
Your child’s hearing will be screened using headphones to play sounds while monitoring your child’s response to various frequencies.
A thorough eye exam will be performed to monitor for conditions and changes to vision health.
We will check your child ‘s immunizations  record and will give him or her any shots that are required (list).
If your child has any risk factors, your provider may test for tuberculosis.
Your provider will discuss any new health and safety concerns with you and your child.
Your provider may talk to you about any special needs your child may have, including developmental or school concerns.
We’ll discuss your child’s eating habits and sleep patterns as well as any challenges your child may be having with school or homework.

At ages six and seven your child has been in school for a couple of years and has likely learned to print his or her name, write some numbers and words and identify “left” and “right”. Your child is very active and should be encouraged to play outside and participate in team sports. Skipping, jumping and catching a ball with one hand are just some of the skills your child will learn at this age. Limit “screen time” and always be aware of what your child is viewing online or on TV. By the age of seven your child should be able to memorize your address and telephone number and will be ready to follow a fire safety plan.

Family Meals are important. 
We encourage families to sit together at meal time as often as possible.

Your child will continue to express his or her feelings but may need help in discussing feelings clearly and calmly. Encourage positive expression and respect. Your six  year old child is ready to learn about responsibility and independence and should be assigned some chores at home. Eat meals together as a family and continue to encourage your child to try new foods and to make their own food choices. Spend time with your child and get to know your child’s friends and their families. Teach your child about respect, listening and affection through your own actions.

Continue to encourage your child to read. You can access the library's site here.

Your doctor will review milestone information with you during your visit. 
You may download and print the Bright Futures Parent Handout for this age range here (click to access PDF).


6 Year Well Visit