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Most babies gain approximately 2 pounds a month initially and grow at a rate of approximately 1 inch per month in the first 6 months of life. At 1 month most babies extend their legs more, turn their heads and may momentarily lift their heads.  When pulling your baby into a sitting position his/her head will lag behind.
Your baby will watch a person and follow an object for a few degrees.
Your baby may begin to smile.

A supplementary bottle may now be given to your baby every 2 or 3 days containing either previously expressed breast milk (which may be frozen for up to 2 months) or iron fortified formula.
Typically, babies do not need water to supplement their diet. 
Breastfeed or bottle feed 8-12 times per day.  Don’t forget to burp your baby during natural feeding breaks.
Your baby should have 5-8 wet diapers and 3-4 stools each day.

Continue to place your baby on his/her back for sleeping.
Remember to rotate your baby’s position in the crib.  

Sleeping on the same side may cause the skull to become misshapen.

  • Click here to view the American Academy of Pediatrics Guide to Safe Sleep.

The car safety seat should be rear-facing in the middle of the back seat in all vehicles.  Your baby should never be in a seat with a passenger air bag. 
Follow all manufacturer directions for proper car seat installation and us.
Keep your car and home smoke free!
Make sure your water heater is set no higher than 120°F.

  • Here is an excellent resource for learning more about Baby Safety from WebMD. 

Make sure to read to your child at least once a day. 
You can visit Reach Out & Read for reading tips, how to choose books appropriate for your child's age, other resources, and access the library's site here.

Don’t forget Tummy Time!  When your baby is awake a little supervised time every day is recommended for development.  
This helps strengthen muscles of the neck and upper back to help your baby later on when rolling over, sitting and crawling.

You may download and print the Bright Futures Parent Handout for this age range here (click to access PDF). 


1 Month Well Visit